Here we have a cut and we see the playhead a bit to the left (the green line).

Clip with cut and playhead to the left

Pressing Q will trim the clip from the start to the playhead, resulting in

Clip trimmed from start

Now when I ctrl-Z (undo), I get

after undoing, the playhead position is lost

The playhead position is now in the start instead of where I had it before.

Can I include playhead position into the undo mechanism?

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I don't think you can. Try using the Lift and Extract functions instead of cutting using the playhead position.

Set the In and Out points using I and O

"Lift" the section you want to remove using ; if you want to "lift" it (copy it, leaving a gap in the timeline)

Or use ' if want to "extract" (copy it and ripple the rest of the timeline.

You playhead position will be unaffected.

More here: https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/lift-extract-premiere-pro/

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