I would like to know if there is a good tool to make a black & white & alpha channel mask,automatically. What I need to do is the mask that's explained exactly here :


I tried to do the same with my footages,but it didn't work,so I need to find another tecnique. Below you can find the image files that I've used with ebsynth :


In the folder below I put the mask files produced by the online service called "https://www.unscreen.com/" :


Please give a look from files 12 to files 35 : they are wrong. the algorithm blends into the BG to much for automatic masking. You can see the consequences of the error going here :


give a look at the files from 12 to 35 : they are wrong as the mask files. So,I need to find another way for making better mask files. I prefer to use an automatic and intelligent AI oriented method,because making the mask manually for each frame it takes a LOT of time. Thanks.

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