I am using my windows laptop for video editing and recently came across this incredibly time saving feature:

Cut & Ripple Delete, which basically does 3 actions in one. You can see in this guide at 4:48 how this command is used:

Unfortunately there seem to be problems with the german keyboard. The english shortcut is:

Ctrl + Shift + [ But it doesn't work on a german keyboard. The problem seems to be that on a german keyboard you have to press an extra Alt key to be able to type [.

The keyboard customization settings in Resolve 16 do not even show this command (Cut & Ripple Delete). I don't know if I'm stupid or what but I am having tremendous issues setting a new shortcut for ANY command.

Does a shortcut for Cut & Ripple Delete exist on the german keyboard that actually works? Can I make this work in Resolve without setting my system keyboard localization to english?

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I figured it out. The commands you're looking for are:

End to Playhead - in Application/Trim/Ripple

Start to Playhead - in Application/Trim/Ripple

Put them on some shortcut that is actually working on the german keyboard.

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