What's the best codec & fps (and other CLI config) to minimize bandwidth usage for streaming text editor videos? Specifically:

  • high res (as close to original as possible)
  • low fps (<= 8 is fine)
  • color loss is acceptable
  • audio loss is acceptable


I want to stream video from a USB video capture device (plugged to Raspberry Pi 4B, streaming server is nginx).

The incoming video is of text editing for the most part, so I guess difference between frames would be minimal 9/10 times. Color loss is acceptable, but fonts should remain sharp.

I have found that ffmpeg -f v4l2 -i /dev/video0 <extra config> rtmp://localhost/live/test is the basic template I need to follow.

Of all the combinations of codecs/framerates I tested, the only thing that works without killing itself is -f flv.

If I try to suggest framerates, it works for 1-2 seconds and dies with [flv @ 0x...] failed to update header with correct duration/filesize.

Not specifiying a codec gives some NULL error. mp4, x264, mpeg4, mpeg2video don't work. I was hopeful for VP8, but -f VP8 doesn't work.

mpegts works but dies as soon as vlc tries to open it (without streaming anything). Please advice.


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