⌘ On Mac, How do I automatically combine 2 files with similar video data, using:

1 file with good video,

1 with good audio,

and have them auto-sync via matching video frames?

📄 Provided files

  • Say I have 2 video files.

  • Each of the same "Math class".

    • File A

      • Low-quality video
      • Audio exists and is synced
    • File B

      • HD video quality
      • No audio


How do I most easily, and automatically combine these 2 files with the following criteria?

  • Use file B's 🎬 video
  • Use file A's 🔈 audio
  • Video of A and B know to sync up
    • Because their video data looks similar.

That way A's audio auto-syncs with B's video with ease.

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