I was working in HitFilm Express before. Now I want to start using DaVinci Resolve. In HitFilm Express I had customizable intro. I need to create it in DaVinci Resolve. I exported intro from HitFilm to mp4. I imported it to DaVinci and used it as video-guide. So I've made Fusion Composition from it.

But now I want to remove that video-guide from Fusion. But when I remove MediaIn1 node whole clip is blank. When I add new Media In effect as new node and connect it with my nodes clip is also blank.

How can I remove my video-guide?

  • Maybe try adding a background node (can be fully transparent) instead of the MediaIn. It is likely that you get resolution issues if you don't have any correctly sized source like MediaIn or Background (which will have timeline resolution). – rauberdaniel Dec 30 '20 at 18:03

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