Can anyone point me in the direction of how to set up Particular to generate this text effect?

text effect

In particular (pun absolutely intended) how to contain particles within the boundaries of the text before dispersing them.

I'm using Trapcode Particular v16.

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You can use the layer-emitter for that. Particular will look for the alpha and spawn more particles where areas are more opaque. Just make sure that your text-layer is precomped and set as a 3D-layer. Then, from the drop-down menu of particular, choose the layer-emitter, open the tab of the layer-emitter further down and select your text-precomp. You might wanna up the particle count as thin text may not cause a single one to spawn, and you will think you did something wrong. Alternatively, use the layer-grid-emitter to significantly up the particle-count. Just make sure to disperse the particles using wind or Spin-Amplitude down in the physics->Air tab.

I hope I was able to help you, have a great day!

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