I have few videos in one event. The problem is, that for some reason (probably because of moving them from disk to disk), Modify date is the original one (the correct one) rather than Create date.

In the finder, I can do: sort by -> Modified date, and everything is correctly in order. But when I import those videos into the event in the FCP, it keeps sorting by Content Created.

I cannot see an option in FCP that would allow me to sort videos in the event by "modification date", is it even possible ? (or at least keep the order imposed by the finder?)

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Seems like the question is asked on other places as well, with no answer so I will propose a workaround as I don't think FCP X gives you option to sort by Modified metadata field.

Bash script that adds a modification date at the beginning if each file in the directory in epoch. Then sorting in FCP by name.

  1. Open terminal and go the the directory you want to apply changes (in my case a directory with videos).
  2. do cat > script.sh
  3. Enter: for f in *; do mv -- "$f" "$(stat -f %m "$f")-$f"; done
  4. Hit enter and then ctrl + D
  5. Now type: bash script.sh
  6. Open FCP X and do Sort by: name

In order to revert the process, all you have to do is to replace what is in the point 3 to: for f in *; do mv -v "$f" "${f#*-}"; done

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