(New to premiere, apologize if this has been answered.)

I am editing a video clip that I recorded on a gopro hero5 and I'm noticing that I cant seem to get my source panel and my sequence panel to "act" the same.

I recently went to a clip enabled Set to Framze Size on it, but now when I open the clip in in my Source editor it's really "zoomed in" and it's making it difficult to do further edits.

The problem with Source and Program Panel difference(screen shot): https://lizzieenterprise.box.com/s/w90nole2e39i61muh94cqlji1c6krazf

My Sequence Settings in case it matters (screen shot): https://lizzieenterprise.box.com/s/szaunxft5a1x5jldgkcwqq3bx4yr00rw

I can't help but think I have some settings fundamentally wrong.

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