I have a large amount of DV footage, which I want to convert into a video per day.

I've tried doing this by scripting ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -safe 0 -f concat -i day1-files.txt -fflags +igndts -ac 2 -ar 32000 -vf scale=768x576,setsar=1:1,yadif sq08_output.mov

but results varied from perfect to garbled audio or video.

Then I tried this manually in Premiere Pro with the following steps:

  1. Import footage of a single day
  2. Automate to sequence
  3. Export media

Results were perfect (for the same clips that ffmpeg couldn't decode).

As I have thousands of clips I don't want to repeat the Premiere Pro steps manually, so I looked into Premiere Pro scripting

I completed step 1 with app.project.importFiles:

app.project.importFiles(["day1-1.mov", "day1-2.mov", "day1-3.mov"], true, app.project.rootItem, false)

I tried to do step 2 with app.project.createNewSequenceFromClips:

    , [app.project.rootItem.children[0]
    , app.project.rootItem.children[1]
    , app.project.rootItem.children[2]]
    , app.project.rootItem);

But got greeted with:

createNewSequenceFromClips is not a function

How can I automate creating a sequence from a set of clips?

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Apparently createNewSequenceFromClips was not available in my version of Premiere Pro (v14.0.1). When I updated to v14.4 all worked as it should.

This example script using that function works as expected.

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