I'm trying to create a simple logo reveal, and have drawn a path over my logo like so:

enter image description here

It would be a lot easier if I could set the end points of my path so that they were square instead of rounded (like I can in Illustrator) but there appears to be no options for it?

enter image description here


Make your strokes using the pen tool directly as a Shape Layer instead of the way you're doing it. You will see an option for line caps and line joins. They can be round or square: grab

To reveal the logo, put your original logo on the layer beneath the Shape Layer, then set the Track Matte on the original logo to Alpha Matte. It will use the alpha of the layer above. You may need to press the "Toggle Switches/Masks" button to reveal the Track Matte options on the layer: enter image description here Do the reveal animation by adding a Trim Path to your Shape Layer: grab4

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