I saw this video (https://pin.it/119U75R) and I want to do something like it but I don't know what it's call to search about it, so can you help me how I can search about it? I would like to make text like typing in this way with an angle.

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There are a few different techniques going on in this shot.

First the text was all made in 2D: The hand-drawn text was probably made in 2D first, then revealed with a mask either line by line or using a plugin like QuickDraw. The printed text is being animated on character-by-character using text animators.

Then that 2D layer has a paper layer added behind it, some drop shadow added to it as a Layer Style maybe.

Then all of it is placed into 3D, with some camera moves on it (this is an old tutorial, but the whole set is great for getting to grips with After Effects)

There's other stuff going on in that clip, but that's the basics of the text effects.

  • thank you <3 it's clear
    – Nada
    Commented Oct 9, 2020 at 16:08

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