I am a windows user. I have a 10 bit .mov file 1920 X 1013 encoded prores hq 422, 24 fps of green screen footage-and I can't play that file properly, as I understand, because of the prores codec. My question is how to convert that .mov file into images.

I've installed ffmpeg and what I want to know is how to convert that .mov file to a 16 bit open exr/tiff images? Also, because the file is huge(4.76 Gb 3:31 minutes) is there a way to convert specific parts in the video, say the the first 30 seconds etc...? What command do I need to write in the cmd in order to convert the file properly? I mainly wanted to edit and use this footage of green screen in blender, but blender's VSE can't interpret 10 bits videos in a right way,hence another reason to convert the footage...

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