I would like to switch to latest Davinci-16_ Free(Version but on trying some essential ResovleFx effects like film grain,analog grain etc , Davinci shows a switch to paid version message prompt and when rejected it simply shows the Davinci logo overlay than the actual effect.

However unlike other softwares,Davinci doesn't provide any indication in the software itself (other than having to go through their forum to understand the differences here).

It doesn't give much confidence if one were to make a switch from a paid software to simply find that essential parts of the freeware are locked.

How does one identify which effects and other features are paid and can these paid effects be recreated in Fusion?



This an older document (v15), but I believe that most of the Free v/s Paid feature list is still valid: https://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/SupportNotes/DaVinci_Resolve_15_Feature_Comparison.pdf

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