I want to stretch the right hand 50% of the video only. So that the left 50% of the video looks normal and the right 50% looks bizzarrely stretched. Think of someones face smiling and laughing, where the


Yes, you need to work with two video tracks, use the crop and scale effect.

  1. Create a sequence from your clip.
  2. Apply the crop effect and set it to left: 50%
  3. Locate the scale settings under the always present motion effect
  4. Disable uniform scaling and set scale width to whatever you like
  5. Add the clip again as a new track on top
  6. Apply the crop effect on this track too and set it to right: 50%

And that's it.

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    Completely and utterly WORKED. Thanks much
    – Mark
    Sep 1 '20 at 2:33

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