I recorded around 7 videos that I want to merge into one. I did this on my Kindle Fire HD 8, on August 20th, 2020. Originally, I planned to use windows movie maker, as it was simple enough to do the tasks that I had wished of. But alas, when I go to watch the video once all of the files are in the project, all I get is no audio and a black screen in the video watching section of the app. I tried Windows's built in Video Editor, as it was capable, too. But only with all of these files did it say that they weren't readable, due to some unreadable attributes. I know for a fact that the videos are fine, as I can watch them in any video playback app and it plays the whole thing. I already moved the files from my tablet storage to my computer, so I can't just get the old ones. If someone could figure out an easy way to bypass this, please let me know. Thanks in advance

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