I'm shooting 3-perf 35mm @ 24 fps. How many feet of film do I need if I'm shooting one hour?

Is there a good site/app for calculating this?

Note: This is a repost of an off-topic/closed question I asked on Photography - Stack Exchange.


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4,051 feet of film.

For reference:

  • 8mm = 80.0 frames per foot
  • Super 8 = 72.0 frames per foot
  • 16mm = 40.0 frames per foot
  • 35mm 2-perf = 32.0 frames per foot
  • 35mm 3-perf = 21.3 frames per foot
  • 35mm = 16.0 frames per foot
  • 65mm = 12.8 frames per foot

The math:

60 minutes = 3600 seconds, 3600 sec x 24 fps = 86,400 frames, 86,400/21.333 = 4,050.06328

Tools for Calculating

Kodak makes a free app for iOS called "KODAK Cinema Tools" which has a film calculator, among other features.


Panavision has a simple website with a film footage, frame and running time calculator:


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