I'm a newbie in video editing. I wanted to apply DeNoise filter in Adobe Premier Pro 2020, so I did so. Then I went on cutting parts of my clip, to jump cut parts of the footage.

Then I realized that I have to reduce the DeNoise level. So I did so for a cut part. Now I see that other parts do not change. And also when I cut a new part of the footage, new part has the old level and new level is not applied to it.

So I have two questions:

  1. How to set DeNoise properties for all cut parts of a footage?
  2. How to make Premier understand that this new level is the default level and when I cut another part, it should obey this new settings?

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If you need to apply the same effect to a whole clip, you can use Master Clip effects:


That way, you apply it to the file, and any clips from that file that you place into a sequence will have the same effect applied. If you need to adjust it, you only need to do it once to the master effect.

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