For each frame I want to crop multiple areas using ffmpeg but I am not sure how to proceed.

This is what I have done to crop one part of the image,

fmpeg -i video.mp4 -filter:v "fps=1,crop=759:41:33:99,scale=128:44" %d.png

This is one frame of the video,

enter image description here

The above command crops the number one row or first position from the image. Likewise I want to crop all the positions or rows from this frame.

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Add more outputs.

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -filter:v "fps=1,crop=759:41:33:99,scale=128:44" row1-%d.png -filter:v "fps=1,crop=759:41:33:140,scale=128:44" row2-%d.png -filter:v "fps=1,crop=759:41:33:181,scale=128:44" row3-%d.png

Or do one row per command.

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