Thanks in advance!

It's an mpeg transport stream in a .ts wrapper. Layout would be as follows:

Video (MPEG2, 80Mbps, CBR, All I Frame,422@HL)
Audio1 (Track1/PID1) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz
Audio2 (Track2/PID2) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz
Audio3 (Track3/PID3) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz
Audio4 (Track4/PID4) 1 pair LPCM(SMPTE 302M)48kHz

FFmpeg is out because it won't encode LPCM into .ts.

I'd rather not go down the AVISynth wormhole because I'm Mac based but if there is a CLEAR solution (as opposed to random AVISynth fiddling) by trying that route, I'd definitely be willing to give it a go.

I tried AME/Adobe.

I tried Telestream.

I tried Resolve.

I haven't tried Compressor this go around but I know it's there to try if I don't hear anything else.

I've done this a bunch with hardware encoders but I'm on my own now and a dedicated HW encoder is not in the budget for this project.

I look forward to and appreciate your input!

  • What exactly did you try in each of those programs? Please share the full ffmpeg command and output. Which Telestream product? Did you try contacting their technical support? Jun 19, 2020 at 23:15
  • I appreciate your response! In the interim I corresponded with one of (I think) the developers of ffmpeg and they were able to clarify some information regarding the software’s ability to encode 302M audio into .ts from non-.ts sources. It also APPEARS that I can do this in AWS/elemental so I’m going to do some testing with that. I’ll report back if I have any noteworthy results. Cheers! Jun 30, 2020 at 3:34


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