I recorded myself in front of a green screen and keyed it out on Premiere Pro to have myself in the foreground in front of a video which has subtitles on screen. My shoulder covers a small portion of those subtitles and I would like for the subtitles to appear unobstructed in front of me in a natural fashion, meaning with the portion that is in front of me appearing to be in front of me and the viewer still able to see me behind the text as if the subtitles were added later. I just started with Premiere Pro 13.something on Mac two or three days ago and all of my video editing experience is pretty limited to simply cutting up videos and adding audio and titles in iMovie and Final Cut Pro. I fear I lack the video editing lingo and vocabulary to better describe the situation. I have the entire Adobe Suite, though I don't know how to use anything else aside from a little Photoshop yet, in case it would be easier to get the desired effect in one of those other programs.

Thanks for your time!

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