I am having an issue with converting a 1920x1080 video to m1v format. In the past I have used XMediaRecode for the task, but for some reason there is a persistent bug which prevents me from changing the resolution. Its a great program when it works, which is seldom.

Im here to ask two questions with some information to help


1 - Can anyone help explain how to fix this XMediaRecode issue?

It seems despite that the original video I am trying to import is 1920x1080 I still cant seem to change the resolution in the Filters/Preview pane. I want to save the output video as 1920 x 1056 (worked in the past), but as you can see in the photo below, the resolution is stuck at 768x576. This value can be lowered, but can not be brought up to any higher resolution than that which is displayed.

enter image description here


2 - Does anyone know if there is other reliable/functional software that will export a video file in m1v format that has controls for the datarate and resolution?

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