I am totally new to DaVinci Resolve. I have included a small video on top of another footage, in the bottom right corner. How can I blur the edges of this inserted video?

I am able to blur the content of the video, what is inside, but I would like to blur the edges/border of the small video, so it blends better on top of the other one.

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I found the answer:

  • Go to Color at the bottom.
  • Select the clip you want to modify (the small video on top).
  • Add your usual nodes as needed.
  • Right click and Add Alpha Output. This will create a new blue terminator.
  • Right click and add a new Corrector node and use the rectangle, ellipse, or whatever shape you need to define the transparent/opaque regions.
  • Connect the previous nodes to the recently created node. Now link the green and blue points. This will make an alpha channel, making the region you marked as transparent/opaque.
  • If you need to use the same ALPHA node in other clips, you can create a Shared node that can be reused in other clips. Instead of adding a Corrector node this time, use your shared node.

See the image below for a clarification:



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