I am looking to build an animation where in the middle of a sentence, a word gets deleted by character, then a new word is retyped on-screen and the back half of the sentence repositions as each letter is typed on. I tried to do some research and have a feeling this animation may need to utilize sourceRectAtTime or Delta expressions along with the type-on character text animator. What are your thoughts on accomplishing this?


I think you could achieve this just by key-framing the Source Text control in your text layer. Unless you have hundreds of them and need to do it programatically, I would just keyframe the changes of text, and the repositioning would happen automatically. If I have misunderstood what you mean, please add some screen shots to explain what you need.

  • Hi tomh, I think this will also accomplish what I need to do, IVE just never had to keyframe source text before. After checking out a video on YT, it looks pretty straightforward. Thanks for the tip! – SlothBucket May 29 '20 at 14:28

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