Is there any existing container (video format) in which the metadata is immutable? I am new to this topic and my use case is that once a video is recorded, I want to preserve the metadata (for ex location, time, some caption used while sharing it, etc) in such a way that no one can alter this information, or worst case, only the original creator can do so.

  • Can’t think of one, but there really should be. Photographers have been asking camera manufacturers for ages to build encryption into cameras to help protect their IP. Immutable metadata/self destructing tamperproof files or blockchain custody ledgers would all empower creators. Commented May 26, 2020 at 10:01

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Containers don't support encryption of metadata, and without encryption everyone may change what he wants (even damaging by his action the whole multimedia file).

There is a possibility to make a checksum of your file (as SHA-256), but it will not protect to change it, it only helps detect if the file is in its original state (not changed).


No. Metadata can always be changed. Even if there isn't a commonly known program to do so, an experienced person could always hex edit the file.

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