I have created a video using After Effects which is about three minutes long and has a size of 86MB after exporting as h264. This seems quite an appropriate size for a good quality video to me.

However, because I want to display the video on a website (as an HTML audio element and not through a service such as YouTube) I would like to see if the video could be made a little smaller.

The resolution is very good at the moment, for example, with all outlines looking extremely sharp. While this is nice, of course, it might not be necessary for the resolution to be this high.

So instead of exporting the video at a width of 1920px in Adobe Media Encoder, which is the current setting, I reduced the width to about half that value.

I expected the result to be a much lower quality yet a significantly smaller file size. However, I was very surprised to find that the quality was still good, and the file was only 0.1MB smaller.

And exactly the same thing happened when I reduced the frame rate from 30 to 24, again, I had been expecting the file size to get much smaller.

Is this the expected behaviour? Why does reducing the pixel width and frame rate not reduce file size?

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    Some of the encoding settings in ME give you a target bitrate, so you'll end up with the same size no matter what the other settings are. Check the bitrate. – stib May 22 at 13:10

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