I use Movavi for screen recording and after recording it's about 7 min video of the tutorial. I played in VLC media player it's fine perfectly matched audio and video. (Audio and the video track is same and has not been manipulated — captured from Movavi Software).

And for editing, I create a new project in Adobe Premiere Pro, and when I import my clip to timeline I can see that the starting point and ending point of that video and audio clip are the same. But when I play that clip Video is delayed why is that? And when I play at last around 5-sec track it's fine.

Can you guys assist me what's the problem? I tried many creating many new projects to start from default but no progress. I guess I must have messed something up, Couldn't figure out what is that.

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This might be a performance issue.

You could change playback resolution, quality, use proxy videos, render preview videos and some more. Tutorials for these steps should be easy to find.


There are lots of reasons for this problem. I have found this useful thread from Adobe.

Audio and Video not matching

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