I encounter strange jitter after just saving videos produced by Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 native camera app (a part of stock ROM).

Here are steps to reproduce this odd result:

  1. Choose a video with an obvious side motion.
  2. Open it in AVIDemux.
  3. Make sure that both video codec and audio codec are set to "Copy", it means without re-encoding.
  4. Set output format either to "MP4 Muxer" or "MP4v2 Muxer".
  5. Save the video under a different name.
  6. Check the result and the original video.

Original video appears to be smooth.

Resulting video appears to be twitchy like even and odd frames have been swapped, or something like this.

What could be an actual reason of this issue and how to fix it?

  • Welcome! Can you share a sample of the source and output or at least the full output of MediaInfo for both? – Michael Liebman May 11 at 1:11

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