I build video tutorials. I need to capture video in raw high-quality format so I can hand it to the editor. But, when I record video in Camtasia 2019 or 2020 (new version), the editor complains that the quality is no good. These are the project settings:

enter image description here

These are the recording options. I'm using "Lock to application".

enter image description here

The recorded files are recorded in trec format which looks like a proprietary Techsmith format. I can't get any information on whether the files are compressed or not, but I strongly believe that they are because they are small and look like rubbish. Why would Camtasia lop the quality off right at the beginning of the process?

I should point out that 2019 used to have an option to record in AVI, but that seems to be gone in 2020:

enter image description here

When I export, there is no lossless option which is a huge problem. Why wouldn't an application like this allow a lossless option? I suspect that the quality is already lost at the recording phase anyway.

enter image description here

Where along the line am I losing quality and what can be done about it?

I've investigated several support tickets from Techsmith but they mostly just tell me not to scale the image. That's impossible unless I include the taskbar and other bits of the screen that I do not want to capture.

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