I have a bunch of MKVs with several subtitle tracks in each. Most of these subtitles tracks either have no language designation at all or the wrong, random, language settings, making everything very confusing. I would like to fix this problem but I have a couple of issues when I try to do it using mkvtoolnix

  1. I seem unable to view the content of the subtitle track making it a hit-and-miss when trying to set the language flag. I have downloaded MediaInfo but it didn't seem to offer this function either. Can this, view the content of a subtitle file already in the MKV, be done in mkvtoolnix or do I need a separate tool?

  2. Can I change the language flag without creating a whole new file in mkvtoolnix? I mean, I edit a few bytes but it wants to create a new 10 GB file instead of just updating the existing file. Feels like a lot of waste of everything. Besides, it takes a couple of minutes. I have plenty of files I need to fix. I simply don't have the space for duplicating all these files.

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