I have to make a video for social media, mixing several short clips which have been sent to me via Whatsapp. I'm using Da Vinci Resolve 16. When taking the videos into the timeline, I get several issues related to their variable framerate, such as speed changes and not synchronized audio-video. Built-in tool to generate optimized media doesn't help.

  1. Is there any any simple way to deal with this without having to re-encode each clip into a new file?
  2. If answer to 1 is "no", which software would be suitable for that kind of batch reencoding? And which video format should I choose?
  3. If answer to Q1 is "no", is there any other editing software which would be more suitable for this kind of tasks? It's quite messy to work on this kind of footage, but I'm doing some jobs which left me no other choice.

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