As a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns, there has been a major increase in remote video over the Internet in professional video broadcasts. The video quality can vary, but I've seen some remote video feeds that looks surprisingly good. What technology are the broadcast studios and production houses using to achieve this?

I can think of a number of possible ways, but I'd like to know what the pros are actually using.

  • "Surprisingly good" is subjective - can you add a little detail? i.e. it would help to know what you looked at, and why that quality looked better than expected to you. I usually note quality as a combination of professional lighting (best quality vision input = best quality camera output), followed by camera quality and camera setup. I'm intrigued by any answers as well (always looking to do better), but some examples might also help if you have any. – Peter Barton Apr 29 at 6:30

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