I've noticed a video/audio trend recently in media that is satirical or comedic with a serious twist.

Usually, a newsreader or presenter, though not always, will be speaking to the camera about something relevant to the comedic sketch or video. For example a man might be speaking about comic books, and suddenly, their tone will change dramatically, they will start talking about a real world atrocity or political issue, or perhaps simply something unsettling in the story universe, the pitch of their voice will be dropped, it might become noisier, or screening violins or a loud THX-like dissonant sound will play over it, videos may darken or shift red and the frame may physically move or shake, sometimes the frame hangs askew, giving the effect the presenter is breaking out of their world to address you in some dystopian nightmare you share.

Then abruptly the presenter will resume as if nothing happened.

I assumed at first that individual content creators were inspired by horror movies, but this pattern seems to be commonplace, and I would like to look further into the history of it and read about it. Is there a name for it? Or a place where it may originate?





These examples are relatively mild but I have seen this effect many many times, I will add more in edits if I find them

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