We are currently creating a virtual choir project and we have the tracks from the people already. I am the video editor, we have a sound designer as well. He is making the rythm of the sound perfect right now and I am affraid it will therefore not correspond with the video.

Is there a way in Premiere Pro to change the video speed based upon the finished music track? The app can make Multi-camera sequence based on the audio, can it do something with the speed as well?

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you can change the speed of the video making it slow to or fast in order to fit the timing of the music you are using. enter image description here

How to change a speed duration of the clip?

  1. Right click on the clip
  2. Click Speed/Duration
  3. Adjust the speed. The higher the percentage the faster the clip. The lower the percentage the slower.

Important Notes:

If you increase the speed the clip will be shortened If you decrease the speed making it slow it will extend the duration of the clip

enter image description here

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