I know it's 2020 but I still have a few VHS tapes to digitise.

I do not expect the picture quality to be necessarily good enough to worry about this question. Still, I would hate to lose any tiny little bit of the quality just because I choose my analog gear inferior to what I could have chosen. This is a one-off task and I want to be sure I could not do it any better.

That said, I do not have any VCR for this task yet. I am just about to figure out what to look for.

I have done a little bit of research to find out what analog connectors are there and which ones are capable of carrying which quality. It looks like component and RGB standards/connectors are the best ones (as opposed to S-video and composite).

Assuming that the VHS tape record is still very good (no big chances, but let's assume), would the picture quality benefit from component/RGB connectors at all? Should I be looking for a VCR that has these outputs?

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