I imported some Lumix GH5 videos to my PC. 1080p 25fps 420/8bit/LongGOP 100Mbps LPCM MOV files.

  • When I play the videos on my PC, some or many of the videos get artifacts and banding on any software used, including, but not limited to, Film and TV, VLC and Windows Media Player. Except Premiere Pro. They play fine there, but nowhere else.
  • When I play the videos on the camera, they look fine.
  • When I play the videos on my MacBook, they look fine.

Initially I tried importing through USB cable to the PC. Then I got artifacts. So then I tried importing to my MacBook directly through the built-in card reader, and I noticed the artifacts were gone. So I imported them to an external hard drive instead, to copy them over. The artifacts were still gone when I tested the files on the external drive on the MacBook, but the second I plugged it into the PC, I got artifacts again... Lastly I tried copying the videos to an SSD drive on my PC instead, but the same artifacts occurred.

Now, my Win 10 PC is a few years old, but it's still alright with 16GB RAM, Nvidia 1070 video card and a 4GHz i7 6700K processor.

What's going on here?

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