I want to record a video using my WebCam + live viewing the video I am recording to check if everything looks as I want it to look. When using VLC, e.g. with the "stream" option and turning on "Display locally", I am able to record a video but VLC only updates the live view every few seconds (often also no update after showing an initial still image).

I tried in Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10, and with different WebCams (the built-in WebCam from my laptop and two different external WebCams), problem is still the same. Might it be due to my Laptop, Asus Zenbook UX330U with 16 GB RAM (here is a link with the full specs) being too "weak" for that? If so, what is a minimal requirement for doing that?

(I want to teach students from home - corona virus forces us to stay at home but students still deserves to be taught).

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