I want to download some free videos from a website. There are two option there: DVD Video *.m2v with 2Gb and H.264 Video *.m4v (.mp4) with 400Mb. The second one has low quality.

I want to know if I download first one and try to reduce its size to around 500Mb then will the result be the same as H.264 Video *.m4v with 400Mb?

How can I reduce *.M2v (mpeg) file size without losing quality? (I am looking for an online method to reduce size just by URL)

  • When you tried it, how did the results look? H.264 is way more efficient, so you will certainly be able to save space, but every time you encode you're going to be losing quality – stib Mar 23 '20 at 6:08

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