I'm learning Premiere and wanted to learn how to layer some videos on top of each other, but particularly how to have one of those layers be a chroma-keyed green screen video. Specifically, I wanted to come up with a learning scenario where one of the video layers had to appear to go behind elements from the other video layer - as if walking behind an object, or inside of a building window, etc, where parts need to be masked away in order to achieve the proper layering effect.

So, I combined two things I knew of off the top of my head - the green screen Shia LeBeouf "you can do it" video, and a scene I recorded from Counter-Strike, the game. In the scene, there is a balcony window and I want Shia LeBeouf to be inside the window and properly masking / clipping behind the building parts.

My approach that I tried is to place the underlying video scene on Video layer 1, and the Shia video scene on Video layer 2. Then, I placed a rectangle Shape on Video layer 3. I added a Track Matte Key fx to the Shia LeBeouf Video layer 2, and set the matte setting to the Shape on Video 3.

This gets the layering / mask effect working great, but my problem is the following ...

My Shia LeBeouf layer is scaled a bit to "fit him in the window" of scene 1. When I resize or adjust my shape dimensions, it seems to doubly scale the Track Matte Key fx effect.

I really have no clue how to word this, as this is like the third video I've made in Premiere. Perhaps the below video clip can be of some help.

enter image description here


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