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I have been recording screen-captured videos from my iPad explaining Math concepts (it's a Khan Academy style personal project). After I record it, I trim out the parts in which I'm in silence, either because I am making a diagram, or because I am thinking about what I will say.

I have a question related to automating Adobe Premiere Pro: can I automatically trim out those parts? Is there a solution out there that addresses that? Is it possible to build some code in the software where it trims out "anything below volume X"?

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Try the Auto Gate setting in the Dynamics audio effect. It will gate (turn off the audio) if the threshold of the audio falls below a specified level for a specified amount of time. Doing this manually would sound better but take longer. The gate won’t be able to tell the difference between a deliberate piece of speech and a mouth pop or click, so you may hear the gate open and close when you don’t want it to.


Note:It will not trim your clips, just affect whether you hear parts of them in your edit.

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