As far as I can tell from my testing Premiere and Media Encoder do not release memory (RAM) used by expressions while exporting sequences with motion graphic templates in them.

I have a data (csv) controlling a mogrt. The csv contains is a list of captions, which should display at given time intervals.

The ram quickly grows from 3.5GB RAM for Premiere, while idling, to 30+GB RAM when exporting the video. My system luckily has 32GB of RAM so I can sustain this kind of an export if it's a short video. But this seems like a problem that can be fixed.

This RAM is not always released once the export is complete, same when exporting from Media Encoder. The app must be quit in order to give up that space.

Maybe it's just me. Anyone else able to replicate this? Thanks for your responses!


In AE:

  1. Create a new comp that's 10mins long

  2. Create a text layer

  3. In the Source Text property insert some memory intensive code (lots of variables, arrays)

function createVariables(){
    var someInt = parseInt("89");
    var someFloat = parseFloat("382");
    return someInt;
var anotherInt = createVariables();
var yetAnotherInt = createVariables();
var array = [];
for (i = 0; i < 300; i++){
text.sourceText = "Test Text"
  1. Create a new motion graphic template (stick some random property in the Essential Graphic Panel to export)

In Premiere:

  1. Bring the MOGRT into premiere

  2. Create a sequence and drag in the MOGRT

  3. Open a ram monitor (I'm on macOS, so I'm using Activity Monitor)

  4. Try exporting the video (but be careful, because your computer might freeze once it runs out of ram)

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