I have watched Barbie doll illusion on youtube and wanted to set this up myself.

I already have tried doing it with 1080GTX + Samsung S8+ + GEAR VR + WebCam + RiftCat + SteamVR + Oculus + OVRdrop over 5G Archer C7 wifi. However, the lag is at least half a second and experience just does not work.

I am ok with buying additional equipment (different VR headset, camera, etc), but before investing in equipment I would really like someone to have already tried it.

How to set up streaming from two web cameras or stereo (dual lens) to VR headset without (or minimal) latency?

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Wireless will always give you some latency (if you're not spending a fortune). I would recommend you try using sdi cables. In video-production, sdi is often used for immediate feedback to the directors monitor etc. - so you should have less of a problem with latency there.

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