I have imported a time-lapse (1 frame/sec resolution) video from my GoPro Hero4 into VIRB Edit. It's from a 96 minute bike ride, which shows up as a 4 minute video.

When I import GPS/GPX data from my Garmin Fenix 5, it does not align with the video. It sees it as a 4 minute bike ride. (VIRB Edit use this data to make route overlays on the video.)

How to make VIRB Edit properly recognize the video as a time-lapse? Or how do I "compress" the GPX so that it matches the video?


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A way to solve this is to first losslessly change the frame rate of the GoPro video to 1 frame/sec, which changes it from 4 minutes to real time (96 minutes).

This answer explains how to extract the raw bitstream from the GoPro video using ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -y -i gopro.mp4 -c copy -f h264 gopro_raw.h264

.. and then remux it with a 1 frame/sec frame rate:

ffmpeg -y -r 1 -i gopro_raw.h264 -c copy gopro_remuxed.mp4

Import the remuxed file into VIRB Edit [VE], add the GPX file and add some G-Metrix gauges. Finally speed it up again in VE.

VE can only speed up 800%, so the video has to be re-imported* after the initial export. Speed it up and export again to come back to the original 4 minute length. Not ideal, but it works.

* I actually had to use iMovie in the second step, since VE kept crashing

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