I recorded a multi-cam interview video with 2x Canon camcorders, I set them to record at 50fps. Both of them did, and show that they were shot in 50fps within Final Cut, however, my GoPro recorded at 24fps so I believe the session converted them to 24fps

When I nudge through the timeline, I can see the frame changing image every frame (1-23) however the other video seems to be at half the frame rate, i.e the frame changes every 2 frames I nudge, so I believe it's 12 frames per second? You can visibly see the difference when you playback the audio and cut between the two angles.. I have no idea what has happened.

Any help to make this look smoother, or even what might have caused it, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Were these clips recorded interlaced (50i) or progressive (50p)? – Jim Mack Feb 19 at 2:00

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