I've tried Vegas, Resolve, Premiere and they just don't seem cut out for this simple task:

  1. audio files(simple sequencing, I don't even need overlap)
  2. Sequencing image's: possible overlap, cropping positioning, scaling, masking. Nothing really advanced beyond that.

It should be fast to render.

Vegas: I was able to create a project without too much trouble but was having some glitches in the software making it a pain sometimes. If the audio file is not the proper encoding then it will screw up. Also a bit of a pain to get the proper video size to match things. A bit slow to render. It literally takes 5 mins to render a video of a 5min audio file at 5fps with about 5 images. Probably could get it to work but biggest problem was the display was blanking out and some lag issues. I'll go with Vegas if I have to.

Resolve: takes a long time to render, was not easy to use for some reason but I don't use it much.

Premiere: Had some encoder issues. It may work but I'm having to learn it, has some issues with scaling too. Seems also to take about 5 minutes just to encode a few images and the audio. It seems to be faster with the right encoder, about 1m to encode. I'm getting blurry images though(had this problem with Vegas too but had to set the quality). Premiere may work, I'm not used to the work flow but if if I can get things down right then it might be fine. The files are a bit larger than desired but I guess I'll have to dig around unless someone can clue me in. I haven't done a full file yet so I'm not sure but I think I can probably get away with using it if I have to.

  1. I don't need to recode the audio. But even this his generally quick(seconds if I use an audio encoder like foobar).
  2. Ideally the frames would only change when they change sequence. This is more of a slide show(although having the capability to do more advanced things is nice 99% of the time I won't need any more but display one image then change it).

The files generally are 10-100 times larger than desired. I assume because even if one image does not change, the video encoder has to store the image per frame creating a huge mount of waste. I'm not sure if it would require a special program or video format to optimize this out. (e.g., something that can specify when the frames change, sorta like RLE).

Best thing I can say to explain this is that what I'm doing is more like a slideshow with audio playing in the background and I'd like something optimize(both the editor and file size) for it.

Hell, I wouldn't even mind having to do it using a command line tool if it were optimal(I do have most of the timing info for the images).. not optimal though cause sometimes I might need to adjust something and it would be much nicer with an editor.

If I literally render 1 image in one of the above programs I can get anywhere from a 30MB file to 500MB... for a single image that does not change ;/

What I'd like to be able to do is simply this:

  1. Set the video dimensions.
  2. Import images and audio.
  3. Draw them in to sequencing tracks.
  4. Move them around for timing.
  5. Scale images and move positions(+ possibly other things like cropping, mask, etc).
  6. Render to an optimized file. (should not be much bigger than the audio file itself).

Since I have to do hundreds of these I want to get the process down to something quick as possible.

[Also, I'm having to convert images from pdf to jpg. It would be nice to be able to import pdf files and arrange by pages. I tend to also have very large images(not all images are of the same dimension). Some are very large and many codecs either have fixed dimensions or do not support these larger dimensions. The dimensions are about 2500x3500. I know I could scale everything down but I see no point in doing so if I don't have to]

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