I am new to AviSynth+. I am concatenating 9 clips, trimming the first and last, fading in the first and fading out the last, and cross-dissolving between clips. This code works:

start=AudioDub(audio, video)
clip1=Trim(start, 3600, 30000)

clip2=AudioDub(audio, video)

... same for clips 3-8 ...

clip9=Trim(AudioDub(audio, video), 0, 22575)

FadeIn(clip1, 100)
Dissolve(last, clip2, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip3, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip4, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip5, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip6, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip7, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip8, 50)
Dissolve(last, clip9, 50)
FadeOut(last, 100)

It's quite verbose and repetitive. I wonder if some pre-processor script can take some of these parameters and arguments and produce the above AviSynth+ script.

Does such a pre-processor exist, or could the AviSynth+ script be optimized or improved?

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