I want to record someone speaking for about an hour without any gaps. To do this i'm using a Samsung Galaxy s8.

The default video application splits the video into 4gb files when recording longer videos; which would be ok, but when I take them into a video editor to join them, they don't fully match up.

Is there a way round this without rooting my phone.

I've tried a few video applications and recorded to the internal and sd memories.

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Open Camera is an open source app that let's you do this. You can configure it for various times including unlimited.

Android has typically a 4GB limit on video size. Your one hour video will most likely exceed this limit . Open Camera let's you restart the video automatically after the 4 GB limit is reached which can be joined in a video editor

  • I don't recall the name of the video editor used
    – beeshyams
    May 5, 2020 at 22:50

I haven't used the Android version, so I don't know whether it splits into 4GB chunks, but Filmic Pro is a widely respected video camera app, and they make an Android version. The 4GB limit might be a limitation of the file system. https://www.filmicpro.com/

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