am trying to add the audio file that was extracted with Pazera Free Audio Extractor from the mkv files of source #1 to a video source #2 but i cant get it to sync. does anybody here know how to fix this? i would like to understand and learn what is it that am missing, i have been able in the past to add and sync audio for movies but this time is a tv show and i cant seem to be able to sync using the mkvtoolnix delay option, after doing some research it might be that the audio is from a pal(25fps) release and it might need to be slowed or something to 23.976 but i this point am confuse on what i need to do to be able to accomplish this and i have tried and research for hours but cant find how to do this.

Here is the video and audio media info screenshots.

audio/video/files(source #1) were downloaded from https://megajuegosfull.com/series/lost-temporada-1-al-6-completa-latino/ and original video from: http://rarbg.to/

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