I'm doing some editing and I'm trying to render my video but regardless of the output format what gets rendered is just a white screen, still video with the length of my project.

I'm using Kdenlive Version 19.08.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

Perhaps there is already a solution to this problem but I'm having a really hard time finding the correct wording to look up..


I had this issue with moving files outside of Kdenlive. It did find them using a recursive search, but the video was white. I have deleted them from the project and added them again. This fixed it in my case.

  • I believe this was my issue. It's obviously confusing to the App if clips 'disappear' – zzapper Mar 17 at 11:28

Apparently the problem was that my video sources contained spaces in their names i.e.
"My Video.mp4". Once I removed all spaces from the filenames it started rendering normally.

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