I have a few questions.

When I was younger I use to encode lots of old Animes for fansub teams and do Karaokes on my PC.

My PC is currently out dated and do not have the space nor the power to do my own encoding on my computer. I was looking and making research to get me up to date on Encoding specifications for another my project option and I stumbled on this and it reminded me that I used to talk with a Japanese guy that was capturing and encoding with a dedicated or VPS server. So I looked into it but I have a few questions.

I read there is a new synth that is the successor of AviSynth and AviSynth+ which is Vapoursynth. I want to do some encoding and use a like I use to on my PC a command line with plugins and aplications and such. I read a little bit on how to but I'm not sure what I will need and what's possible on a VPS/Dedicated/Seedbox server?

  • First I would need a I would need a cheap VPS or Seedbox dedicated server under windows or Linux that can run Vapoursynth & FFMpeg right? (I don't mind the slow encoding speed, I'm not in a hurry it's for a project I'm working with). I just want to encode 30 minutes episodes already captured and just added a few changes trough plugins with a script or megui kinda software. (I used to writte my own scripts with tones of modifications in the past using MeGui and just use the script it made to do it in CMD and would like to do the same on a server).

  • Is there a way or is there a megui version for VPS/Lunix? (Since I used to work a bit with it since it's easier to use load/setup/Applications scripts plugins and change the settings and set up the wanted settings) because it's a bit easier for me since I haven't touched scripts and encoding in at least 5 years.

  • Or I will need to make my script on my PC and then just load it on the server and just do like I did in the past, copy it and run in the server CMD?

  • What cheap servers would suggest to do this?

  • I want to mentions that my PC is and Monitor can currently handle and is (1400P, 144hz, HDR600, 10Bit, 1MS, Curved, Quantum LED *QLED on and with a Aeorus 1060 OC V1.0 6GB with 9gpbs ban with with Freesync.

  • Also, I want to output the encoding on a HEVC H.265/x265 10Bit, 23.976 FPS or As much as close to a best Bluray format either in 1440P or 4k? Because I have a Bluray RW that can do Bluray RW DL with Blurays of 150GB and I have a software to make blurays Menu's and the final encoding to make them like the real deal. So I'm just looking for output as I said or H.264 10Bit and apply VapourSynth script and encode them online.

Any help would greatly appreciated because it's been so long since I encoded, made, applied a script and I'm new with VPS/Seedbox/Dedicated encoding...

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